The "Associazione Venariese Tutela Ambiente" - A.V.T.A. formally became an Association in 1990, but begin the activity as "Coordinamento Venariese" in the 1958 and it is representing, in the continuity, theoperative Official brench. The A.V.T.A. is an association of voluntary people (unpaid) and it is a member of the Piedmont Region register for he voluntary groups of the "Settore Beni e Sistemi Culturali". It is a no-profit, no party aundenominational group and its proposal is to protect and to improve the whole of Venaria Reale; a complex composed by the Village, the Palace, the Gardens and the Parc.

A.V.T.A. from 1990 and since the 2007, on behalf of the "Soprintendenza Beni Ambientali Architettonici" of the Piedmont Region, has supported the Guided Visits and the Exibitions that has been performed in the Royal Palace of Venaria with the contribution of the Town Council (Assessorato alla Cultura) and the contribution of the Regione Piemonte. Today the A.V.T.A. is cooperating with the consortium that it is managing the Royal Palace.

A.V.T.A. in 1993 has set-up a "fund to promote the Restoration for the re-utilization of the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale"; this fund was the feeding with the share coming from the access to the Royal Palace, from theA.V.T.A.liberality, from visitors offers, from Palace lover's, with the contribution of the Venaria Town Council, from Piedmont Region, from Public or Private Institution and from different Sponsor. With this fund the A.V.T.A. besides the ordinary management, collaborate with the financing of the restoration wich is managed by the Project "La Venaria Reale" today named "Consorzio La Venaria Reale C.V.C."

For any communication to the A.V.T.A. President Dott. Gianfranco FALZONI, is possible to send an e-mail to the following address:


  • Guided Visits - followed from: La Venaria Reale C.V.C. and from  the A.V.T.A.
  • Bookshop A.V.T.A.


L'A.V.T.A. has created a Register for the "Meritorious Friends of the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale". The main purpose of the Meritorious Friends was to contribute to the restoration financing of the Palace trough the fund "Promozione Restauro Riutilizzo Castello di Venaria Reale" promoted by A.V.T.A. for the "Soprintendenza B.A.A.P." and "'Intendenza di Finanza di Torino".
For any infomation send an e-mail to posta@amicireggiavenariareale.it

The Meritorious Friends that up to today have contributed to the promotion and to finance the fund "Pro Castle" are the following:

Gianfranco Falzoni - A.V.T.A.founder - 1993
Fidia S.p.A - Amministratore delegato Morfino - 1994
Fondazione C.R.T. (Cassa di Risparmio di Torino) - President Filippi - 1994
Comune di Venaria Reale - Sindaco Alessi - 1995
Lions Club Venaria Reale - President Cesa - 1995
Lions Club Torino Crocetta Duca d'Aosta - President Fresia - 1995



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