Aulic cooking to the Castle - Royal Palace of Venaria Reale
(The other gold of Piedmont)

There is an Association in the district of Turin, the A.V.T.A., that is operating in the Royal Palace of Venaria and has created the "Centro di Arte - Cultura Culinaria sul Grissino Piemontese", that is particular because is looking for the product coming from Turin and from the Piedmont.Why the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, the web traveller can ask? Because the "Genius Loci" of this castle is the 
that has been received a miracle from the wondering food / medicament that has has been and it is "the Turin Breadstick". The gold of the Culinary Art of Turin and Piedmont is famous as:
Bread of the Kings and King of the Breads

With this Aulic Food is possible to adapt and take to all the big specialities of the International Culinary Art, because it is itself a big speciality. But with this Aulic Food we would like to present here also two recipe of Elite. They are a Starter and a First Plate:

The starter is called "Grissini Vestiti su Tavolozza"

  • It is necessary to prepare some "caserecci" breads, where on the convex surface are done different cylindrical holes, little but enough deep;
  • On these holesit is necessary to insert, in relation to the number of holes done on these breads, the same number of breadstick, where on the upper side it is necessary to roll-up a soft, rosy, raw ham, lard and bacon;
  • The breadstick will so be inserted like a rays, in the holes done on the bread; so we can call it "Variegata Tavolozza". Et voilà! The "Grissini Vestiti su Tavolozza" are ready for the joy of the view, the taste and the host.

    Comment: It is well known the Breadstick by the Italian Restaurateur, in detail the Piedmont one's, that are always presenting them - as an entrée - for its particular characteristics that are, between the others: a specific function as sedative of the ....wait and as sedative of the ... appetite. It's particular function "miorelaxing" and antispastic when it is the time to .. "regler l'addition".

The First Plate is called "Zuppa dei Barbetti o Valdese" (Supa dij Barbet)


· Breadstick done with water and stretched
· Calf meat ragu with deep mix of vegetables like onions, carrots and celery
· Meat Soup
· Parmigiano cheese grated
· Fresh or dry mushrooms
· Saporita with a base of cinnamon
Preparing for 4 persons
In a medium (average) baking-tin, with the butter passed (greasy) in all the internal face, apply:
· A first layer of breadstick covered by 3 or 4 spoons of Ragu sauce with mushrooms. Cover again with one hand of parmigiano cheese and a sprayed of saporita;
· Repeat a second layer as the first one 
· Bathe everithing with about two liters of meat soup until it is completely absorbed;
· Insert in the oven and leave all cooking for around 1h and half to 180°;
· Serv at the end, with earthenware cup, preburned in the oven.

Commento: the Zuppa dei Barbetti (origin in the 1700) is the Valdesi soup. The Valdesi constitute a population, of religion protestant, inhabitant - for the note - Valdesi Valleys of the Western Piemonte. In origin this soup was a plate much poor one that came manifactured with dry bread, water and ragù prepared with interiora of animals from courtyard. The so-called " Barbetti" they were the Valdesi that came in such a way called, from the catholics, from the name of their Ministers - itineranti Predicatori sayings, for the note, " Barbi". This good specialty has had, enough of recent, a prestigious international acknowledgment having gained the prize " Cook of International Gold 1983" in Carini (PA). We specifies that for having information, much more detailed, on the grissino, is opportune to visit the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale.

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