The tradition of the Ancient Works renews inside the Royal Palace:

The Perfumes

It raced the year 1666 allorquandos it was born in Turin the Duke of Savoia Vittorio Amedeo II subsequently crowned in 1713, first King Sabaudo. King of Sicily from which he brings' with if, to Turin, the great Architect Juvarra, the Real Crown, but also the his/her so much beloved plants of Bergamotto. Plants that, preserved in great terracotta stems, they adorned then the legendary gardens of the Duparc I boast some Palace of Venaria Reale. Vittorio Amedeo, in fact, very it loved the perfume of the essence of Bergamotto - drawn by the bark of this fruit - perfume that him for a long time it used what refreshing, on the field, after every battle and that it was usual to give to his/her guests. As known, to the beginning in the winter all the plants that adorned the gardens of the Palace venariese were hospitalized in her/it "Citroniera" or Juvarriana shuts. Really, here the careful and sensitive visitor succeeds still today, to "to feel" the perfume of Bergamotto that signals him and you/he/she confirms the presence of the "Genius Loci", the spirit of Vittorio Amedeo II that he lives the Palace Venariese. In fact an ancient legend tells that, in the nights of full moon, a sweet perfume of Bergamotto exhaled from the Palace on the City' of Venaria Reale accompanied by the vision of the "Genius Loci" to horse.


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