Regione Piemonte
Ministero Beni Culturali e Ambientali

After ages in state of neglect, and of Vandalism (1945-1960), the complex of Royal Venaria was given in 1960 into the care of the Head of the Environemental and Architectural Service in Piedmont which begun in 1961 the first work of restoration. The Royal Venaria is one of the hugest "containers" in Europe having a surface area of about 80.000 square m. and a volume of about 480.000 cubik m.
In order to avoid the risk of collapse, restoration has been compleeted for 24.000 square m. of roofing and statical restoration for about 120.000 cubik m., the rebuilding of lofts, the walls, plaster, fixtures, tecnical installations, have been done with ordinary funds and with FIO Funds. More precisely lofts and roofs have been restored of:

  • Royal Palace of Diana, Big Gallery, Pavillion of Garove, in the head of the same Gallery
  • The Alfieri Tower and its connections and the Church of S.Uberto and the Big Gallery
  • The Church of S.Uberto, Citroniera and Stables of Juvarra
  • The Gallery of Alfieri and a part of the Alfieri Stables

In the meantime the floor heating has been installed in the Big Gallery and the heating convectors in the west Garove's Pavillon, as well as the sewer system in the complex.
From 1995, with the new management of Eng. Francesco Pernice, the work has been oriented towards restoration and to the possibility of reusing the complex for exibitions and shows in the view of public function even on an international level.
In order to permit this about 5.000 square m. has been restored:

  • The Big Gallery and the west garove's Pavillion
    Part of the Church of S.Uberto, ticket office and other rooms in the complex

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