The tradition of the Ancient Works renews inside the Royal Palace:

The Silk

In the Historical Center of Venaria Reale, after all in the actual street Caesar Battisti and from opposite side to the Grinds of Alone grain, it had center the Old Feudal Castle of Altessano Superiore of ownership of the Accounts Scaravello; Castle that is specifically signalled by one "Tower" in an incision of the book: "Venaria Reale" of the architect Amedeo of Castellamonte.

This Castle interests a lot us because (in the 1670) the Castellamonte transformed him/it, to want some Duke Carlo Emanuele II, in the first hydraulic setificio to the Bolognese realized to the Venaria Reale and precisely in a silk mill, moved to water in degree to complete the whole cycle of workmanship of the silk (Filatoio Galleani).

And' known in fact that Charles Emanuele II also favored the Court introduction of the luxurious silk for the "loisir" (pleasure) of Cristina of France, his/her Mother, that had a strong interest for the luxury items included the elegant scenography of the Ballets of Court of Phillip of Aglič.

And' the case of the "found again Phoenix" had represented since 1644, whereas three children dance "spinning silky stamens" and Charles Emanuele II, baby, interpreter appears you dressed in the cloths of the "Sun."

La seta


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